Hello There!

So great to have you here!  My name is Kara and I’m the photographer around here.  I love photographing awesome people doing their thing!  Showing off boss skills, makers talents, seniors shine, and the excitement of great events, just to name a few.  If any of these sound like you, lets talk!!!  I would love to work with you to get some kick butt photos to make you look as awesome as you really are! 

Because my photography is all about you, I don’t have a trendy editing style.  It’s all about your brand, your colors, your personality, and your AWESOMENESS!  I promise not to turn your skin orange, your greens grey, or your reds pink.  It’s all about you’re awesome, with a little added pizzazz [jazz hands]! 

Wait, you Wanna Know More?

Sweet!  I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, in 2008 I married Husband of Mine then explored the country with him while he served in the Navy.  We moved back home in 2013 after having Son of Ours.  Now we live out in the country with three rescue dogs – Chopper, Merlin, and Beau, a crazy chinchilla – Leviosa [Levy] and two Kenyan Sand Boas – Kala and Gaara [who are all named after characters from TV shows/books]. 

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a camera.  I started out with a little 110 point and shoot. Then had a series of small film cameras.  I remember my dad showing me how to use his Nikon SLR to photograph the moon [half the reason for Misfit MOON] back when I was maybe twelve or thirteen.  I mainly photographed places and things back then. I took a photo class in high school, and then a couple in college. That’s when I started photographing people.  

When digital cameras came out, I had a few point and shoots.  They were fun, and I carried one everywhere! But you can’t do much with them, other than snapshots.  Then Husband of Mine bought me my first digital SLR the first Christmas we were married.  It opened up so many more possibilities! Being able to take a bazillian [yes that’s a real number!] photos, and not worrying about the cost of film, or really bad photos or any of that I was able to really start experimenting and developing my photography.  Now I get to use that love of photography, and years of learning, to showcase others! I love getting to capture joy and emotion, and moments to look back on. I love getting to showcase awesome people doing awesome things!

When I’m not running around with a camera in hand, I love trying new things!  I’m always up for an adventure and exploring somewhere I’ve never been before.  I love being a youth leader at my church and running their website and social media!  I change my hair color with the seasons or my mood, sometimes both. 

Rapid Fire Round: God, coffee, superheros, overflowing shelves of books, animals, nature, my fandoms, converse, learning, my Bronco, NASCAR, the Orioles, the Cowboys, the PBR, good food, good beer, mountains, and so much more all make me easily excitable!!!

Girl with blue and teal hair sitting cross legged
Guy and girl sitting on a pier
Wedding photo of US Navy sailor and brunette in front of willow tree
Mountain top yoga sunset silhouette at Kings Canyon, California
Girl looking over the edge of the Grand Canyon
Family in front of bridge from One Tree Hill in Wilmington, North Carolina
Girl with purple hair taking a photo with a Canon 70D