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Every Human being deserves to be free!  We are all made in the image of God, and should be treated with love and respect.  

Here at Misfit Moon, we are dedicated to stopping the  exploitation of humans here in the US and around the world.  10% of all proceeds are donated to Non-Profits dedicated to stopping human trafficking, and freeing and supporting the enslaved.

It’s so important for us to know what’s going on, and to educate ourselves on the signs of human trafficking so that we can do everything that we are able to help stop this evil.  Below you can find some basic information, along with links to find more in depth info and ways to get involved! Scroll to the bottom to read a little about each of the nonprofits Misfit Moon donates to. Each one is fighting hard to stop human trafficking around the world.

Recognizing Labor Trafficking

Labor trafficking includes situations where men, women, and children are forced to work because of debt, immigration status, threats and violence. Keeping victims isolated — physically or emotionally — is a key method of control in most labor trafficking situations. But that does not mean you never cross paths with someone who is experiencing trafficking. 

Someone may be experiencing labor trafficking or exploitation if they:

  • Feel pressured by their employer to stay in a job or situation they want to leave
  • Owe money to an employer or recruiter or are not being paid what they were promised or are owed
  • Do not have control of their passport or other identity documents
  • Are living and working in isolated conditions, largely cut off from interaction with others or support systems
  • Appear to be monitored by another person when talking or interacting with others
  • Are being threatened by their boss with deportation or other harm
  • Are working in dangerous conditions without proper safety gear, training, adequate breaks, or other protections
  • Are living in dangerous, overcrowded, or inhumane conditions provided by an employer

Recognizing Sex Trafficking
Sex trafficking occurs when individuals are made to perform commercial sex through the use of force, fraud, or coercion. Any child under 18 who is involved in commercial sex is legally a victim of trafficking, regardless of whether there is a third party involved.

Someone may be experiencing sex trafficking if they:

  • Want to stop participating in commercial sex but feel scared or unable to leave the situation.
  • Disclose that they were reluctant to engage in commercial sex but that someone pressured them into it.
  • Live where they work or are transported by guards between home and workplace.
  • Are children who live with or are dependent on a family member with a substance use problem or who is abusive.
  • Have a “pimp” or “manager” in the commercial sex industry.
  • Work in an industry where it may be common to be pressured into performing sex acts for money, such as a strip club, illicit cantina, go-go bar, or illicit massage business.
  • Have a controlling parent, guardian, romantic partner, or “sponsor” who will not allow them to meet or speak with anyone alone or who monitors their movements, spending, or communications.”

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Non-Profits We Donate To:

1.  Operation Underground Railroad

2.  World Vision

3.  Sharedhope International

4.  A21

These groups work to end sex trafficking around the world in a variety of different ways, as well as freeing those enslaved, and helping them recover.

Scroll down to find out more about each, and how you can get involved!

From their website:


we’ve gathered the world’s experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery. O.U.R.’s Ops Team consists of former CIA, past and current law enforcement, and highly skilled operatives that lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts. These operations are always in conjunction with law enforcement throughout the world.

Once victims are rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins.

It is time for private citizens and organizations to rise up and help. It is our duty as a free and blessed people.

Domestic Services
O.U.R. salutes our nation’s law enforcement officers and prosecutors at the federal, state and local levels who protect our country’s children. Law enforcement professionals skillfully investigate, arrest and prosecute those who violate children. Our nation’s police efforts to protect children in the U.S. are light years ahead of many, if not all other countries. O.U.R. acknowledges the expertise and extraordinary work done by these dedicated men and women who bravely battle the scourge of child sexual exploitation. O.U.R. shares the mission to save children and seek justice for those who victimize them, therefore O.U.R. is committed to enhancing law enforcement efforts by providing resources where budget shortfalls prohibit a CSAM (child sexual abuse material), child exploitation or human trafficking operation from going forward. O.U.R. will also provide or facilitate child exploitation investigative training in U.S. jurisdictions where a need exists. Collaborating with law enforcement will reduce duplication, promote best practices and avoid other potential issues which might arise without close coordination. O.U.R. is privileged and honored to support our nation’s heroes in this important cause to deter, disrupt and dismantle child exploitation and the trafficking of children in our nation’s communities.”

From their website:

“Millions of children – most of them girls – are enslaved in the global sex trade today. Many, like Chanty*, are forced to serve several “clients” every day. They’re often drugged and beaten if they don’t obey.

“They told me they [would] kill me if I tried to leave,” remembers Chanty. Orphaned and alone at age 12, Chanty was thrilled when a foreign man asked her to go for a boat ride to an island.

“It never entered my mind that he would do anything bad to me,” she said. “He forced me, and he hit me.”

Terrified and ashamed, she was grateful when a woman offered her a job in a restaurant. But it was a trap. She had been sold into prostitution. Amazingly, Chanty escaped, and the police brought her to the World Vision Trauma Recovery Center, where she benefited from counseling and loving support, and learned skills she can use to be self-sufficient.

You can help girls like Chanty recover from exploitation. Your gift will help prevent abuse, and restore physical and spiritual health to rescued girls by providing interventions like safe shelter, medical care, nutritious food, vocational training, compassionate counseling, and when possible, reintegration with a loving family.”

From their website:

Shared Hope International is dedicated to bringing an end to sex trafficking through our three-pronged approach – prevent, restore, and bring justice.

“From their website:

“A21 is a non-profit organization fueled by the radical hope that human beings everywhere will
be rescued from bondage and completely restored.
By supporting A21, our business is joining them in their mission to end slavery—by reducing
vulnerability, identifying victims, and empowering survivors—to ultimately reach, rescue, and
restore lives.
Human trafficking is robbing millions of their freedom. But we are coming alongside A21 to
change that. Because we believe when we all do our part in the fight against slavery, we will see
more lives experience freedom, independence, and full restoration.”

Why more than one non-profit?  Each of these amazing organizations work in different ways to help those enslaved around the world.  But each one can’t do everything.  There are those who are active in physically rescuing victims, those who specialize in after care, and those fighting via legislation and such.  By giving to more than one charity, our donations help people in varying ways.  Each one is amazing on it’s own, and each one is helping those in need.  But together, they can reach more people, and can do the work they are called to do.  By supporting them, we can help further the cause of stopping human trafficking in more ways.