3 Tips to Totally Rock Your Style in Your Branding Session

So you’re ready to totally rock your branding session.  But you’re wondering what to wear.  I’ve got ya covered!

Did you ever watch the show “What not to Wear?”  I loved following Stacy and Clinton transform someone from frumpy to fabulous!  You could see everything change when they put on an outfit that made them FEEL awesome!  While you’re already fabulous, let’s make sure to show that off during your session! Here’s some tips on how to pick out some killer outfits.

1. Feel Awesome!

The most important thing to think about when planning your outfits for your awesome photo session is to wear something that makes you feel amazing!  Pick something that when you put it on, you feel like you could conquer the world!  [Because you totally can!] Don’t get too caught up on if it’s the “right” outfit, or if it looks “professional” or “perfect.”  Rather, focus on how an outfit makes you feel, and pick the one, or ones that make you feel the most like you.  Choose clothes that make you stand straighter, wanna strut rather than walk, and ones that when you put on, they make you want to go places and be seen!  

Focus on how an outfit makes you FEEL!

2. Be On Brand

While picking the “perfect” outfit isn’t necessary, there are a few things to think about when pulling pieces to wear.  Try to keep your clothing choices on brand. Think about your brand vibe. Is it modern, boho, minimal, bright and fun? Choose clothing that reflects that.  People will identify your style and think of you when they see continuity in your photos.  Then they’ll start thinking of you when they see these styles out and about [and that’s the goal – brand identity!]

Think about your brand colors and choose items that include those colors.  Whether it’s a shirt or dress in your main color, or a pallet of neutrals with a pop of your color[s] with a fantastic pair of earrings, watch, or shoes.  Those pops of colors will make your photos elevate your brand and make everything cohesive.

Pick outfits and accessories that work with your brand vibe, and utilized your brand colors!


    Show your personality! 

    Choose items that will let your clients see the real you.  From fun graphic tees, or flirty dresses, to coveralls, or cut off jeans.  If someone ran into you while you’re working, what would you be wearing?  

    Side note: When I first started my business, I felt like I had to dress like a “professional photographer” [whatever that means.]  I tried to look like what I thought others would think I should. But the problem was, I didn’t look like myself, I didn’t feel like myself, and it reflected in my photos.  When I decided to dress like me [graphic tee, converse, lots of rings, or a cute top, jeans, and moccasins …] I felt so much better, and it showed! 

    Have fun with your outfits and accessories.  Use them as an extension of who you are.  Don’t be afraid to be different, and show off what makes you unique!  


    Moral of the story:

    in the wise words of Genie, “Beee yourself!” 

    Have fun with your outfits, let your personality shine! 




    Have some questions?  Leave a comment, and I’ll be sure to get back to ya!